The science of Longevity with Dr. Todd Ovokaitys

Discover new ways to enhance your wellness,

with Dr. Todd Ovokaitys

Florence, Italy.

A great seminar of science, disclosure and toning experimentation.

  Day 1 – November 24th 2018, 11 am/ 7 pm

Consciousness and sounds – “ from the beginning to the future of Humanity”

Grow personally and collectively with Pineal Tones. You will be introduced to the most advanced science of longevity and wellness researches. You will learn how to use your voice to create a positive change inside your own body and your consciousness. Our body respond to sounds and Dr. Todd Ovokaitys developed a complex and efficient method of work using voice. It’s not required be able to sing, this method involves the experience of different kinds of tones and specific sequences of sounds to generate a deep wellbeing state and expand our consciousness. Our body is the expression of our being, which is far bigger than what we can imagine, and the Pineal Tones allow us to connect to the multidimensional aspect of ourselves. Pineal Tones are perfect “keys” to open our higher potentials. A very intensive day to learn and regenerate.

Day 2 – November 25th 2018, 11 am/ 7 pm

Stem cells and nutritional supplements – the science with consciousness “awake our body in a new dimension of wellbeing and longevity”

Dr. Todd Ovokaitys is worldwide known for the application of a specific instrument able to use laser light to enhance the efficiency of nutritional supplements. During this day, you’ll be introduced to this technology and to the achievements it produces.  Application of nutritional supplements to improve health is today used by millions of people and the laser technology has led to a quantum leap. During the day the new methodology that is going completely to change regenerative medicine with Stem cells application will be presented. Thanks to this methodology, already successfully used in United States, Dr. Todd Ovokaitys is able to address Stem cells within the body so that they can activate their potentials where it’s needed. It has proved effective even where others methods had failed.

You can attend just one day or both days.

Fees the two days have different schedule

If you want to attend only one day: Saturday OR Sunday

  • 125,00 € no lunch
  • 154,00 € vegetarian lunch included at the hotel

If you want to attend the entire weekend seminar 2 days

  • 220,00 € no lunch
  • 278,00 € two vegetarian lunches included at the hotel

Note: you must reserve your lunch at the moment of subscription (limited seats)


Location : GRAND HOTEL MEDITERRANEO Lungarno del Tempio, 44 – 50121, Firenze

info to reach the hotel : HOW TO REACH

Parking : the hotel has parking inside
costs     for all day 8 hours: 10 €
for 24 hours 20 € (overnight)
the area is outside ZTL: this means that you can reach the hotel by your car with no problem with rules for traffic in the city center.
Use Firenze Sud exit on highway.

HOTEL ROOMS To reserve a room at the hotel call 055/660241 and then 1 or 2 or write to

cost for the room (tell them that you’ll attend the Science of Longevity event) single 140,00€ per day double160,00 €per day (+city tax 4,80€ per person per day)

Menu for the 2 days

Vegetable flan with Parmesan
Tasting of sheep’s cheese with stewed fruit and vegetables
Brown rice with Vegetables and citrus olive oil Tuscan Tomato Soup
Dumplings in Castelmagno cheese and radicchio
Couscous with Chickpeas and cabbage
Pear salad with walnuts and Pecorino
Composition of mixed salads and boiled vegetables with dressing: olive oil, Yogurt,
Soy Sauce and vinaigrette
Assortment of bakery
DessertNatural fresh fruit salad

Caprese Baked vegetable tart with mozzarella fiordilatte
Tasting of sheep’s cheese with stewed fruit and vegetable Chickpea and chicorycream
Strozzapreti with wheat germ with “fake” ragù and pecorino
Carnaroli risotto with asparagus and smoked Ricotta
Torta salata alle Verdure cotta al forno (base di sfoglia) Caprese di mozzarella fiordilatte dop
Degustazione di pecorini con composte di frutta e verdura Crema di Ceci e Cicoria
Strozzapreti al germe di grano con raguÌ “finto” e pecorino
Risotto Carnaroli con Asparagi e Ricotta affumicata
Florentine Ribollita
Composition of mixed salads and boiled vegetables with dressing: olive oil, Yogurt, Soy Sauce and vinaigrette
Steamed vegetables
Assortment of bakery
Natural fresh fruits salad