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Kryon Book XIII

Kryon Book XIII


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The Human Akash


Monika Muranyi

KRYON I – THE END TIMES (New information for personal peace)

Written in 1989, and published in 1993, this original Kryon white covered book set the stage for a multitude of work to come… seminars, books, tapes, and countless changed lives. It continues to be the best-seller of all the Kryon works, even though it is the oldest. This is the Kryon book that is published first in all the foreign languages around the world.

“For anyone who is ready for the next evolutionary step, this information from Kryon is invaluable. It is both self-healing and planetary healing…Kryon really lets us know that all is well and we have work to do.”

Louise Hay – Best Selling Author

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KRYON II – DON’T THINK LIKE A HUMAN (Channeled answers to basic questions)

Published in 1994, this second Kryon book was the first to become more practical, and started a tradition… present in every Kryon channeled book from then on… the SCIENCE chapter. Kryon’s real-world approach to something so “weird” as channeling has brought us continuous scientific validations of what he has told us to look for.

“The simple manner in which the material is presented makes this a highly accessible work for newcomers to Metaphysics.”

The Connecting Link magazine – Michigan

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Published in 1995, this third Kryon book was the largest so far… 376 pages. It continued the lineage of practical information, gave the best channellings of 1995, and broached some new subjects (like ascension and responsibility). The attribute that marks book three is all the MATH (gulp). The reference to 9944 is researched by two mathematicians, and an entire treatise on the value of pi is given (since Kryon tells us that our pi is incorrect. Kryon tells us that it reflects a sacred elegance, and is a whole number!).

“The words of Kryon are loving, peaceful and reassuring. There is a lot of great news.”

The Light Connection – San Diego

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Published in 1996, this Fourth Kryon book was extremely special. Louise Hay, bestselling author and pioneer of New Age healing thought, became interested in the Kryon work. Her publishing firm, Hay House offered to assemble the 20 best Kryon parables from the past three years. The book became The Parables of Kryon, and set the stage for a strong Kryon/Hay relationship.

19 of these parables (4 hours worth!) have been recorded and are available FREE for you. The parables are read by various actors, children and individuals (including Lee & Jan) and are each scored with custom music.

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Published in late 1997, this Fifth Kryon book started as a hard cover Hay House book with full color illustrations by Pax Nidorf (No longer available). It was later released without illustrations in paper-back. Unlike any other Kryon book, however, this one was a novel! The Journey Home was actually a live channeling given in Laguna Hills, CA in December 1996. This stirring story is about a man named Michael Thomas who enters a land of seven angels in seven houses. Within this simple spiritual story of a man trying to go “home,” is embodied all of the practical living principles Kryon has been teaching since he arrived in 1989.

The novel is packed with metaphors about real human living, and has become the basis for the Kryon seminar formats of 1998 and 1999. So profound are the hidden meanings, that separate workshops have been created where  the book is literally “taken apart” to reveal the sacredness of the messages within it. The messages? Human enablement – our relationship with God – what humans can do for themselves in the New Age – what God expects from us – the way things work.

The adventure is actually about one word that is never mentioned even once in the text. There is something for everyone within its pages – an adventure, danger, a battle to the death, spiritual purpose, love, and even romance. Driving to a surprise ending, The Journey Home is the most unusual Kryon book ever written, and promises a format for future works as well.

This book is also on tape, read unabridged by Lee Carroll. It’s a six-hour listening adventure! Go back to the main store page and see “Audio Books” for more information about the tape.

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KRYON VI – PARTNERING WITH GOD (Practical information for the New Millennium)

Published in 1997, this sixth Kryon book continued the teaching channelling of Kryon books one, two and three. The largest of them all, this 400-page book is packed with practical information. Included are the most moving channellings of 1996 and 1997 from all over the world, plus scientific validations of Kryon predictions – a full chapter on the new ‘indigo children” of the New Age – and a huge chapter revealing answers to the most asked questions of the past two years (see the table of contents below).

“If you liked the original Kryon series, you are going to love this book. Probably the most practical Kryon book yet, all 400 pages are packed with the love of God for humanity… a stirring read.”

The Leading Edge Review

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KRYON VII – Letters from Home (Loving messages from the family)

Published in 1999, this seventh Kryon book of the bestselling Kryon series is the last channelled one before the turn of the century. It deals with exactly that subject: channelled good news from a very loving entity that gets us ready for the “New Jerusalem.” It is the largest Kryon book yet, and includes channellings from all over the world, especially those given in 1998. Also included is the transcription of the “Family Series” of channellings, and the transcription of the 1998 United Nations visit.

“If you are new to the best-selling Kryon series, this book will stand on its own. These inspiring and powerful messages are a beacon of light as we enter the New Millennium!”


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KRYON VIII – 2000 – Passing The Marker

This is the Kryon millennium book. Sequential channellings from all over the world lead you right into, and past the millennium shift energy. What’s happening to DNA? What does Kryon mean by “The Third Language?” What about Kryon’s science predictions and potentials? What can we expect next? What is the time line? What, exactly did we just accomplish?

This 424 page book is packed with live channellings and some special features: An update on the Indigo Children, by Jan Tober; A chapter on what’s happening regarding the indigenous “Council of Elders” recommended by Kryon at the United Nations (yes, it’s happening!), and also (finally) a full alphabetized index of all 8 kryon books in one place!

“Read about new gifts and tools, new energies and potentials for the Earth – even new dimensionality!

What are the latest scientific advances that fit right into what Kryon told us could happen 11 years ago?

…also a full alphabetized master index of all eight of the former Kryon books.

Profound messages are given, some of which are very startling.”


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KRYON IX – The New Beginning

The event of 9-11 changed our lives forever. This book is organized around the event, with channelling up to and right after the September tradgedy. Did Kryon give us hints? What was the message the day it happened? There is much insight here, and also some potential things to think about? Was it a surprise to God? … or something we had given permission for long ago?

This 384 page book is packed with live channellings from the years 2001 and 200, including Kryon’s Israel message delivered in Tel Aviv. Becoming interdimensional is the main subject, with a great many very personal loving solutions to every-day questions. See the line-up below.

“Filled with more heartwarming channellings from the angelic being “Kryon,” [this book] enables us, gives us a hug, and paints a picture of hope for Earth. During a time of intense unrest on the planet, The New Beginning points to previous Kryon work that spoke of this unrest…even of the event we call 9-11. “As go the Jews, go Earth,” is what Kryon has said over and over. Now we get to see this played out as the old energy is wrung out, and the new energy is invited in. It’s not over till it’s over, and there is so much promise presented here! The New Jerusalem is about to be created.”

The Leading Edge Review..

Summer 2002

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KRYON X – A New Dispensation

What’s happening? Many have asked: “I thought these times would be filled with more peace!”

This 408-page book is packed with live channellings from the years 2003 and 2004. We are beginning the “war between old and new energy” that Kryon has spoken of for 15 years. Now we are in it, and are doing the “heavy lifting” for the planet. What’s it about? What does it mean? Kryon says, “Do not despair!” These are the times which belong to you, and that you have created. They are the precursor for peace on earth.

Kryon says of himself, “My energy is just like yours: It’s angelic, yet it’s part physics and part love. And that, dear Human Being, is also the energy at the heart and the center of every atom in the universe.”

In this tenth book of their 15-year collaboration, Kryon, through his partner and channel, Lee Carroll, continues to provide his unique combination of love and physics. Using parables and scientific explanations to help us comprehend the multidimensional physical reality, we ‘re expanding into and becoming aware of our returning journey to our pre-Earth omnidimensional selves, and this multileveled approach satisfies and soothes our hearts, minds, and souls.

Melody O’Ryin Swanson


The Sedona Journal of Emergence!

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KRYON X! – Lifting the Veil

The word apocalypse comes from the Greek and literally means, “Lifting the Veil.” Is there anyone who thinks things are as they used to be? We are indeed at a crossroads of civilization, and the loving and comforting words from this Angelic entity called Kryon, continues to give us clarity.

This is the Eleventh Kryon book in this 18-year series, and represents a culmination of live channellings all over the earth. Where is Earth going? Is 2012 a year to fear, or to celebrate? What is our real task on earth?

Kryon’s message has never changed, but the things he spoke of in 1989 have all come about. The hope of earth lays with the consciousness of the few, and their ability to transcend beyond a perception of doom and gloom. Celebrate 2007 with the good news contained in this 384 page book!

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KRYON XII – The Twelve Layers of DNA

This is the twelfth book in the Kryon series. Three years in the making, it is the first book of its kind, and may eventually define the more than 20 year Kryon lineage. DNA is our chemical blueprint, but the Human Genome Project found that over ninety percent of it is not coded. In fact, only approximately four percent creates the 23,000 genes in the Human body. The rest? It’s a puzzle to the extreme, and to this day there is no answer why most of DNA seems to have no symmetry or codes of any kind. In fact, it seems to be random.

Kryon has now given us full channelled explanation of this, and brings it right into the quantum world. Is it possible that DNA is mostly quantum instructions – information that speaks to the Human body? And if so, what’s in those instructions that comprise over 2.7 billion chemicals per DNA double helix?

Here is a full revelation of the twelve layers, or energies of DNA, complete with full color channelled illustrations of each layer by American-Israeli artist Elan Dubro-Cohen. Could it be that our entire Akashic record is carried in our DNA? What else might be represented? It starts to make sense, and the most recent discoveries of quantum physics only enhances the potentials of this quantum molecule.

With a foreword by DNA researcher Dr. Todd Ovokaitys, this book is an esoteric breakthrough. Lee Carroll narrates throughout, and Kryon presents the actual energies of DNA.

(2013 and Beyond)
ISBN 1-888053-22-4
2013 – The Kryon Writings, Inc.
Author – Lee Carroll

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THE INDIGO CHILDREN – The New Kids Have Arrived

Published in mid 1999, this eighth book from Lee Carroll and Jan Tober is about a subject which received more mail than any other after the release of Kryon Book VI, Partnering With God. Chapter 7 of that Kryon book spoke of the spiritual evolution of the new children of the “indigo” color.

The Indigo Child is a boy or girl who displays a new and unusual set of psychological attributes, revealing a pattern of behavior generally undocumented before. This pattern has singularly unique factors that call for parents and teachers to change their treatment and upbringing of these kids to assist them in achieving balance and harmony in their lives, and to help them avoid frustration.

In this groudbreaking book, Lee and Jan answer many of the often-puzzling questions surrounding Indigo Children.

1. Can we really be seeing human evolution in kids today?

2. Are these kids smarter than we were at their age?

3. How come a lot of our children today seem to be “system busters”?

4. Why are so many of our brightest kids being diagnosed with Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD)?

5. Are there proven working alternatives to Ritalin

Throughout this work, they bring together some very fine minds (doctors, educators, psychologists, and more) who shed light on the Indigo Child phenomenon. These children are truly special, representing a great percentage of all the kids being born today on a worldwide basis. They come in “knowing” who they are – so they must be recognized, celebrated for their exceptional qualities, and guided with love and care.

This book is a MUST for the parents of unusually bright and active children!

“The Indigo Children is a helpful and informative book. I highly recommend it.”

HAROLD H. BLOOMFIELD, M.D. – Bestselling author of Healing Anxiety Naturally.

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AN INDIGO CELEBRATION – More Messages, Stories and insights

September 25, 2001

This is the 10th book of Lee Carroll, and the second in the Indigo series with Jan Tober.

By now, hundreds of thousands of readers have enjoyed the first book The Indigo Children. It not only stirred the interest of many people throughout the world with respect to the profound change in consciousness being manifest in these special kids, but it also gave suggestions to parents, teachers, and caregivers on how to interact with these fascinating children.

So what do you do with thousands of letters, stories, and observations from parents, educators, and others about their Indigo experiences? Well …you write another book, of course! An Indigo Celebration is a collection of essays, articles, and personal insights about the Indigo Child phenomenon. Although we will undoubtedly be writing more academically-oriented Indigo books down the line, we wanted to stop for a moment and celebrate these kids—how they think, how they act, and what they’re bringing to our lives.

This book is not only meant to entertain, but also to inspire, teach, and provoke meaningful dialogue.The Indigo Children are an integral part of the positive transformational shift of the new millennium—and this celebration of them is one we hope you will share in!”

The Light Connection – San Diego, CA

This book took me by surprise – it took me back through my own memories of parenting an Indigo. I got to reexperience my amazement at hearing my young son cry out to me to stop stepping on his toes, as I stood six feet away! It touched me deeply, brought tears to my eyes, gave me the urge to go out and run around the block in the rain in celebration of the child within. A healthy, inspiring read.


February 2002

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THE INDIGO CHILDREN TEN YEARS LATER – What’s happening with the Indigo Teenagers!

January 1, 2009

This is the 14th book of Lee Carroll, and the third in the Indigo series with Jan Tober.

Half a million people have enjoyed the first two Indigo books, all set in motion with The Indigo Children. This first book not only stirred the interest of many people throughout the world with respect to the profound change in consciousness being manifest in these special kids, but it also gave suggestions to parents, teachers, and caregivers on how to interact with these fascinating children. It was a Hay House best-seller.

This new book is now validation of the premise that that humanity is evolving, and that it is being noticed and documented, finally, by education and business professionals all over the earth. The kids are growing up, and in the process the workplace is changing too!