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Monika Muranyi is the author of The Gaia Effect and The Human Akash, (published by Ariane Editions, Canada). These books are subject-driven information from the Kryon channellings as given by Lee Carroll, the original Kryon channel. Dozens of formerly unseen answers from Kryon are featured in these books.


Ancient Lemuria 

The most important thing about you is who you are today. The energy of the planet is here to help you remember your spiritual wisdom, knowledge and purpose.

The information about Lemuria is elusive and often contradictory. It has predominantly been described as a mythical place or lost continent, somewhere in either the Pacific or Indian Ocean. Most myths and legends are based on actual events, as this one is. Here is the story as revealed by Kryon – Lee Carroll.

Have you ever heard the term Lemuria? I first heard of Lemuria when I read Kryon Book seven, Letters from Home written by Lee Carroll [The original Kryon channel]. Never heard of Kryon? Kryon can be described as a loving entity who has given humanity profound messages for over 24 years.

According to Kryon, Lemuria was the first isolated spiritual civilisation on the planet. It was not an advanced civilisation in terms of technology, but instead it represented a culture who’s DNA was working at 90 percent, compared with most of us today who are at 30 percent. This created an attribute where their consciousness and intuition was much more advanced than society today. They knew how to heal with magnetics; they knew about quantum DNA; and they knew about the solar system and the galaxy. Lemuria was the oldest and longest lived, single-governed civilisations on the planet, and one which never saw war.

The Lemurians were different from any other society. The entire reason for the Lemurians and all of the attributes of their DNA was to plant seeds of Akashic energy within thousands of Humans, which potentially could awaken in the future. If humanity’s collective consciousness would ever choose to create a planet of peace, love and compassion, instead of termination through war and hatred, this Lemurian consciousness would activate. That time has arrived.

The Lemurians represented the relationship between Gaia (planet Earth) and humanity. In a spiritual way, they were preparing and building the Akashic Record of planet Earth. Lemuria was the population center of divinity, and every soul who lived there received a pure imprint, whereas others who lived elsewhere did not. The DNA of the Lemurians was therefore the purest on the planet. With a few exceptions, each Lemurian had only one life in that culture. This was by design so that there would be only one old-soul Akashic experience. Once a soul had passed through Lemuria, it would wait or reincarnate to another place.

Hawaii is Lemuria, and those who participated in this experience lived there during a time where the entire mountain was one island. This is unlike today where there are many islands, which represent only the peaks of the one mountain. The huge mountain of Hawaii [the largest on Earth] is located over a geological hot spot. Like many other hot spots on the planet, a bulge was created by the active magma near the surface, which pushed up the mountain, exposing almost all of it. When the Lemurians lived there, the peaks were at much higher altitudes than they are today. The highest peaks were very cold, perpetually covered in snow and ice, and many glaciers formed. Geologists have now discovered that a similar thing occurred in history at another hot spot, Yellowstone National Park in the USA.

At a certain point in time, two things occurred that were very frightening to Lemurians. (1) The mountain started to sink into the ocean, releasing magma in great volume from the volcanoes. The bulge was receding. This was the signal to leave the island, heralding the end of Lemuria and the beginning of humanity’s work on the planet. (2) The Lemurians became a sea-faring race, and started to voyage out to find other places to live. Some Lemurians made it and some did not. Many went south and others did not. They often were at the mercy of unknown ocean currents and trade winds.

The Lemurians who left their mountain island known as Hawaii, established populations on Easter Island, New Zealand, and the west coast of the Americas, among many other places. Many of them found their way to Mt Shasta, California. This is why the energy of the old-soul Lemurian is felt so strongly when on this mountain. Eventually the Lemurians who left Hawaii started other cultures, and also joined existing ones all over the earth. During a channelled message from Kryon – Lee Carroll, one of these cultures in the Indus Valley, as Sumeria, in the Middle East. This eventually led to the Egyptian culture many years later.

Is there any evidence of Lemuria? Most of the land on Hawaii where the Lemurians lived, is now under water. The ocean currents under the sea are very strong, and any artefacts have long been buried in sand and silt or have washed away. However Kryon has said that many everyday Lemurian objects are still intact, within the small ships that have sunk and, are waiting to be discovered. Also according to Kryon, some have already been found and sequestered by collectors. The reason for hiding these artefacts is due to the fear of scientific ridicule. The artefacts are “out of the timeline” of our current understanding of past civilisations. It would be equivalent to finding a printed book that is carbon dated to 30,000 years ago. Such an artefact couldn’t exist.

In summary, Lemuria was established to create the cosmic Akashic Record of Earth. For thousands of years Lemuria remained unchanged so that many humans could have a one-time soul experience within a highly developed society in terms of spirituality. Once the Akash for the planet was set, the purpose of the Lemurian society was complete. The new purpose for Lemurians is to take the wisdom from the island mountain of Hawaii, and spread it all over the planet, creating high consciousness in the right places.

Even today, Lemurians tend to share a common trait. The natural tendency for Lemurians in the past was to gather with others of like mind and create a separate society, in effect a spiritual island. Over and over, many attempts were made to re-create an enlightened island city, only to end badly through flood, earthquake, or volcanic eruptions. This happened so many times that those who remember it will connect themselves to having lived in a place called Atlantis, even if they didn’t [which Kryon calls “The Atlantis Effect”].

The spiritual seeds planted by the Lemurians all those years ago are available to all souls on the planet. This means that everyone, Lemurian or not, has the potential to awaken to ancient Lemurian spiritual wisdom and knowledge. Your light is needed on the planet. As you live your life as an empowered Human Being, one who demonstrates love and compassionate action to others, you may affect those around you in a positive way. It is time for you to claim your spiritual wisdom and knowledge and be in places that need to see a balanced Human Being. I wish abundant blessings as you continue your path.

Author’s bio:

Monika Muranyi is the author of The Gaia Effect and The Human Akash, (published by Ariane Editions, Canada). These books are subject-driven information from the Kryon channellings as given by Lee Carroll, the original Kryon channel. Dozens of formerly unseen answers from Kryon are featured in these books.

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