Robert Coxon

RHC_Pictures_album-2siluet        Robert Haig Coxon


Robert Haig Coxon was born in Montreal, Canada, and studied composition at McGill University. Recognized multi-keyboardist, Robert is based on personal experiences, musical and spiritual to create their melodies, widely used in meditation techniques.

He started playing piano when he was a year and a half. At nine he began to take lessons with her grandmother. Not content to play what others wrote, began composing at the age of 11. At age 17, Robert played professionally in bars and events. Later, at McGill University, also studied trombone and organ, and became a prominent musician of pop and jazz.

In 1986 the album Crystal Silence I became a hit in Canada. Cristal Silence II reached number one on the New Age music charts which publishes Resources Guide.

Coxon has been nominated three times at the Felix Awards (French equivalent to the American Grammys), and gradually grew into the New Age author who has sold more albums in Canada.

Currently, some of the work of Robert aims to make scientific studies on the effects of music, explaining how interdimensional areas of a melody can touch and heal people, as he has seen his work for years.

In 1998, Robert Coxon joined Lee Carroll trips around the world.