Anders Holte

Anders Holte is a singer, composer and sound channel. He is known for creating a sacred space at live events, aligning the many voices of an audience into a sense of oneness. His Tonal Sound Music as well as his uplifting songs and lyrics have reached people all over the world.

Since 2011 Anders has been travelling with Lee Carroll in Europe, singing at the Kryon events. He was also performing at the Kryon Summer Light Conference 2012 in Sedona and he will be giving a concert at the Kryon Conference in Mount Shasta 2014.

On December 21, 2012 he joined Dr. Todd on Maui (Hawaii) in leading the Lemurian Choir consisting of 900 singers. During this unique galactic solstice event Anders also released his latest CD album Dream Of The Blue Whale, created together with his partner Cacina Meadu.

Anders also offers seminars, allowing participants to deepen their spiritual connection through tone and sound.



Lemurian Home Coming

Dream Of The Blue Whale

Pleiadian Prayer

I Am Returning

You Take My Breath Away