Robert Coxon Seminar

The Coxon Experience
A Deep Connection with your Quantum Self
By Robert Coxon and Lilly Wong

More than ever we are struggling physically, mentally and emotionally to be in Balance and Harmony in our lifes. Very often our energy is all over the place and as we loose focus, we forget to be in the now. We disconnect from our Sacred frequency.

Robert’s Music and Lilly’s Light language together help to restructure our energy patterns so that we remember and recalibrate our Quantum Selves – in every cell … in every atom.

‘’You are the lineage of the Masters. The two of you together have exponentially increased your effect on others…

The music that you put forward Robert have a new impact on people. When Lilly puts her Light Language to the music, everything explodes, and the field itself starts to vibrate different… not something the planet has seen (before).’’

Kryon channeled by Lee Carroll June, 2016

InscriptionBy remembering who we are as we elevate our frequencies…

We heal ! We live longer ! We manifest new potentials!

‘‘We are going to take you back to the origins of Sound… the Sound of Atlantis Plus… the Sound of The Universe through Music and Light Language… an event beyond this reality!’’ Lilly & Robert

• Robert’s newest powerful sounds, including “The Coxon Effect.”
• Lilly’s Pleiadian & Orion Sacred Codes.
• Continuous live channeled music and Light Language unique to the participents.
• Opening new portals while travelling through Time and Space.

Duration: 1 hour

Saturday 17 September

(just after the end of the Kryon Event)

Location : Cine Kerameikos

Investment: 33 €


The Coxon Experience ÷ Wisdom of Longevity

By remembering who we are as we elevate our frequencies… We live longer !

The Music Begins… See beyond the veil:
• Connect with your cosmic origins.
• Remember your Divine purpose.
• Experience the Elixir of life.

• Live channeled music and Light Language to grow your telomeres… rejuvenate your self.
• Quantum activation of the Energy Field of 12 systems of the body, 12 meridians.
• The Sounds of Atlantis through:
Adonai + Elohiem Choir
The Coxon Effect
Light Language:
Pleiadian Sacred Codes – Serie(s) 5,6, 7 & 8