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„Sound and Soul Connection“
with Anders Holte & Cacina Meadu

Monday  October 1st 

As human beings we all share the same timeless Origin. We all come from the same Source. And no matter what name we give that source… we all come from Love.
As our world goes through major changes right now the one thing that will allow us to navigate in the current chaos is the connection to Soul.
Your Soul’s perspective is both personal and universal and it brings the balance and inner clarity we all need in times when so much seems to make so little sense.
Let us invite you to a day of Soul Connection where Anders and Cacina will teach you this ancient practice using the elements of sound, music and love.
Through guided group tonings, magical sound journeys, practical voice exercises and inspired „Soul-to-Soul-talks“ you will learn and discover new beautiful ways to connect both personally, with a partner and with a group of friends. 
It will deepen your understanding of Who you really are and help you to see the world through the eyes of your Soul.
And yes .. there will be LIVE music with Anders and Cacina! 
Join us for a wonderful day of Sound and Soul connection.
– The sound of inner connection
– Who are we? Where do we come from?
– The Music our Soul remembers
– The ancient practice of tone alignment
– Exercises for voice and Spirit
– Sacred Circles
– “Soul-to-Soul talks“
– Guided sound meditations
– Live music… in the moment with Anders & Cacina
– – – – – –
Organizational information:
Place : Hotel Green Garden
Fügnerovo náměstí 1865/4, Praha 2.
Workshop prerequisites:
Times & lunchbreaks:
9am-1pm, (9:00-13:00)

Fee 55€



PayPal payment :

How to get to the hotel Green Garden.

The best way  is to take the Metro.

Take line C (the red line) and you go to the  I.P. Pavlova station.

There you have to take elevator which is in the middle of the station to get directly to Legerova street.  And from there you will go approximatly 200 m in the direction against the direction of traffic of cars. The hotel Green Garden is a corner light green building that you will see in front of you.