Cathar Country _ Terms & Conditions


Tour costs are based on group rates and no refunds will be given for unutilized services.

Group tipping is included for waiters, hotels restaurants and visits not for personal services as housekeeper, laundry etc ..

The Resort is equipped with several Wi – Fi networks. Free access is available at the restaurant and the lobby level.

We recommend purchasing a travel Insurance (Cancellation and Medical Insurance) to protect against cancellation fees and additional travel expenses that may incur before, after or during the trip

Please contact your airline or travel agent or insurance company. Neither traveler’s insurance nor medical insurance is provided by us, and it is your responsibility to obtain such insurance if it is desired.

Participants coming from out of the EU need a valid passport to travel and stay at the resort.
No VISA required for France. Participants from EU need to have a valide ID

This website helps you how to get anywhere. Very useful!
Toulouse Blagnac Airport is a destination from every capital of Europe so it is easy to find a direct flight.
From the US, Canada, Australia you will have a stop either in Paris or London

Change currency at the Airport preferably or before your travel.
You may use your CC.  For smaller purchases it is preferable to have cash money
For outside Europe: check with your bank to authorize transactions in France.
Visa and Mastercard are commonly accepted. American Express not always

You will need comfortable walking shoes every day for the excursions.

The weather in October in the South of France can still be warm ( 21/23 ºC) with chilly evenings and some rainy days. You will need comfortable casual clothes, a waterproof jacket and a folding umbrella in your backpack during the day.

Diners are more formals.

For the pools and spa, you will need swimsuit and water shoes, possibly sunglasses and sunscreen.

Our program is meant to be accessible to everybody with a normal physical condition. We will have some walking parts. If you have heart problems or shortness of breath you may have difficulty to access some of the sites.

Like for all the famous Cathar impregnables citadels, we have to climb a little to be rewarded by the breathtaking view and old stones that speak to us if we know how to listen.

Voltage 220v
Travelling from out of the EU, you need an adaptator to plug your laptop, phone etc..

Weather in France
The weather in October in the South of France can still be warm ( 21/23 degres C)with chilly evenings and some rainy days.

Events beyond our control, such as unexpected weather conditions, political turmoil, and similar causes may require changes to the itinerary.

We reserve the right to withdraw a service or any part of it, to make alterations in the itineraries as we deem necessary or desirable without penalty. Any additional expense or cancellation costs shall be borne solely by you. We reserve the right to withdraw or refuse any service to any customer in our sole discretion. Your payment of your deposit is your acknowledgment of, and agreement to, the terms herein.

You hold the organization free of responsibility or liability for any damages related to the tour, regardless of cause. We will not be responsible or liable for any damages, expenses or inconveniences caused by late departures, changes of schedule, strikes or work slowdowns, hostile acts, or any other events. We will not be responsible or liable for any loss or damage to baggage or any of your personal property. We shall not be responsible for personal injury, death, accident, delay, loss, damage, terrorist acts, natural catastrophe, irregularity or property damage as a result of force majeure or for any other losses or damages incurred by any person or tour participant caused by any delay or change of itinerary or arising out of any act.

You understand and agree that during the course of the trip certain risks and dangers may occur. You agree to assume all risks associated with the journey and agree that no liability will attach to us any member of the tour group in respect of death, personal injury, illness or delay, or for any loss of or damage to your property during the course of the trip, regardless of cause. You accept all risk of any walking, hikes, cable rides, motorcar, bus and boat trips. We reserve the right to withdraw a service or any part of it, to make alterations in the itineraries as we deem necessary or desirable.

Group Harmony  
We wish and we work to reach harmony during the Tour in order to have a fluid experience. We ask each participant to pay attention to the schedule departure time every morning and be on time. Thank you!

We reserve the right to remove any disruptive attendee from the tour, without reimbursement of any fees.

Audio & Video recording of the lectures and channelling is NOT permitted.

Your first payment will confirm your acceptance of the Terms & Conditions of the Tour .