Anders Holte : A Sacred Space in Sound



A Sacred Space In Sound
workshop with Anders Holte

With special channeling by Lee Carroll/Kryon

Anders Holte is a singer and sound channel. Lee Carroll calls him “the man with the golden voice”. When Anders leans into his quantum tones and harmonies, the mind becomes quiet and you find yourself in a sacred space beyond words and time. You’re Home.

In this workshop Anders will share his knowledge and secrets about sacred sound and music. He will also demonstrate ways how you can use your own voice to create a sacred space and tune in to who you really are… introducing the ancient art of transcendent sound.

Join Anders and his partner Cacina for an extraordinary experience and be part of magical and beautiful tonings that are quite literally out of this world. A day in the heart of sound, connecting with our earthly and stellar ancestry.

Topics for this day:

•  Creating a sacred space
•  Tone alignment
•  Communion in sound
•  Ancient sound language
•  Speaking your truth
•  Call of the whales
•  Sound journeys


Date: Monday, September 21, 2015
Workshop times: 10:00 AM – 14:00 PM
Price: € 77,-

Sound clips of Anders Holte’s music:

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Despacho Ceremony




trained by the Q’ero Master Shamans in Peru


This very beautiful and powerful ceremony was handed down to us from Inka times in Peru. It honors all of life, our Mother the Earth, the spirits of the mountains, the sky, the stones, the plants, the trees, the animals, Grand Mother Moon, Father Sun and the Star nations. It is about giving back and coming in right relationship with everything and everyone in our lives. When we honor all of life and the sacredness of what is, we are led back in alignment with our highest destiny.

Up to a hundred ingredients, such as chocolate, beans, raisins, flowers etc… go into the creation of a despacho, forming a beautiful natural mandala. Each symbolizes an aspect of our lives, with always a balance between the masculine and the feminine. All our prayers are blown into quintus (traditionally, coca leaves, but bay leaves for us in the US) for manifestation. The bundle thus formed in a state of reverence and gratitude, is then burned, allowing our prayers to be released in the ethers and brought to the upper world by Condor and Pachamama (Mother Earth).

The results of a despacho can be mild if we are already connected to our higher truth, or quite intense if we have strayed from our destiny. Coming in right relationship with aspects of our lives could initially lead to surprising results. We could get fired from our job, see a love relationship come to an end or find ourselves temporarily without money. But all these occurrences, however dramatic they may seem at the time, will invariably lead to much better circumstances: such as the job of our dreams, the partner who matches us in body, mind, heart and spirit and greater abundance than ever.

Michelle Karén, international conference speaker, author of 9 books on Astrology, living food nutrition, yoga and spiritual novels, Astrologer to the Stars at the 78th Academy Awards in Hollywood, and graduate of the Four Winds Society (Alberto Villoldo), was personally trained in Peru by the Q’ero Master Shamans, particularly her mentor Don Pasqual (on the attached picture). She became the God Mother of one of his children, Danilo, in a traditional hair cutting ceremony in Cuzco.

She invites you to join her

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The Pineal Tones – Dr Todd


How to live to be 300!

Join us

november 16-17th 2013


Register now! Special price until october 20th ÷ 160 €
after october 20th ÷ 190 €




via FUMAGALLI N. 4 (Metro Porta Genova)


19.00 p.m.

price: 5,00 euro

free for the week end attendees

For Personal Rejuvenation & Regeneration
Planetary Peace & Enlightenment

During this two transformational day program Dr Todd will share:
The Latest about Toning & Other Scientific & Esoteric Methods to turn back DNA aging clocks

The conventionally held limits of the human life span are in the process
of havingthe lid blown off of them!
Rejuvenation and Metabolic Science offer one approach
to claim control of basic aging mechanisms and reverse them.
Esoteric Methods are also beginning to surface that offer a complementary channel of expanding life span and much more.

According to longevity visionary Dr. Aubrey de Grey of Cambridge University:
“By the year 2100 life spans of 5000 years will be possible.”

This event in the last european event before the Compassion Choir in Cancun –December 4 – 8th, 2013
We offer translation in Italian, German, Spanish and any other language for a minimum group of 10 attendees.

«We will create a new quantum message in Italy ideal to that place and our intentions»
Dr Todd

For those who aspire to this reality a bridge is in order, and that is the purpose of this program.

In this intensive seminar you will learn:

1. Immediate safe and simple methods to reverse biological aging.

2. The key aging clocks in DNA, how they tick, and how they can be managed.

3. Nutritional‐metabolic strategies for specific system rejuvenation and repair.

4. Near term research areas with prodigious life extension potential.

5. Focus on stem cells and their immediate and future applications.

6. Techniques of mind to make you younger.

7. Healing tonal patterns you can make with your own voice.

8. The grand vista of achieving our human potential.


EN_Todd Flyer Verso

EN_Todd Flyer Recto

By the time you complete this program, you will have the tools to begin to turn
back the clock. You can now prepare yourself to live long enough and well
enough to take part in creating our extraordinary future.

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