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Anders stage Italy 2013

Anders Holte is a unique singer. His world is all about music and sound, and he knows how to take you there. When Anders leans into his quantum tones and harmonies, the mind becomes quiet and you find yourself in a sacred space beyond words and time. You’re Home.

In this workshop Anders will share his knowledge and secrets about sacred sound and music. He will also demonstrate ways how you can use your own voice to create a sacred space and tune in to Who you really are… introducing the ancient art of transcendent sound.

Join Anders and his partner Cacina for an extraordinary experience and be part of magical and beautiful tonings that are quite literally out of this world. A day in the heart of sound, connecting with our earthly and stellar ancestry.


“One tone field” explorations
Sacred intervals
Tone alignment
Star constellation toning
The call of the whales
Live sound journeys

Workshop 1 day ÷ 10am / 6pm

Fee 111 euros