June 2020 – Azores


MORE TO COME ! PICO , a new adventure !

Some of you have not been able to participate to our Pico retreat .

We will do it again !

On 2020, from June 26th to July 5th we organize a retreat facilited by Jan Lemuri , with intervention and guidance from Teresa Aguiar, Robert Munck, Sylvie Duran.
This retreat will bring you a profound combination of meeting cetaceans in their natural environment through morning dolphin swims and experiencing Inner Dolphin Awakening meditations and transformative activities. In the afternoon, we offer a full range of personal inner work to assist you to overcome fears and limitating patterns and reach a deeper connexion with your Self, Gaia and the Source.
The outer journey will reflect the inner journey as we form a deep connection as a human pod, and bring in the qualities of curiosity, joy, telepathy and multidimensionality, going deeper into the process.
Full program and fees to be announced.