Tour AZORES – Stornierungsrichtlinien

Specific cancellation policies for the Kryon Tour in Azores islands May 2019

1. the amount of 400€ ( option regular price) to book your seat is NOT refundable
2. Cancellation request received before March 8th will be refunded after deduction of 20%
3. Cancellation request received between March 9th and April 30 will be refunded up to 50% of the amount paid.
4. Cancellation request received after April 30th will not be refunded.
5. There is no refund or discount for not showing up, for late arrivals or early departures.
We cancel :
If the complete cancellation is imposed by force majeure or for security purpose, the participant is refunded in full of all sums disbursed to date.
We are in no way responsible for any losses or expenses incurred in the cancellation of the Tour, related to the transport costs chosen by the client to travel to Azores islands  or other related costs (parking, babysitting etc.).
It is understood that when you register for this Tour, you implicitly agree to the cancellation policies.