Lilly Wong seminar _ Bergamo, Italy

UleniAmo_ne-i-a | Remember the Goddess
4  Keys to Remember your Womanhood

date: september 11 / 2016
10.00 – 13.00

InscriptionSite: Antico Borgo La Muratella Hotel & Restaurant S.P.122 La Francesca 10
24055 Cologno al Serio (BG)

Ule niAmo_ne-i-a | Remember your Divine Feminine within
Do you identify with this at some level? You are good in giving but not at receiving. You do not have time for you. You feel overwhelmed, unbalanced, without purpose … STOP! Breathe!

… you increase Self – Awareness about your Woman’s Body. Your Temple. Breathe!
… you discover the Secrets of your Womanhood. Breathe!
… you have Stability in your Life. Breathe!
… you feel sustained from a Divine Source. Breathe!
… you allow that inner voice “Intuition” to guide you. Breathe!
How does it feel? Ule niAmo_neia Workshops are here to be the catalyst for a
deep awakening of your Feminine Divine from within.
Start repeating this small meditation as it was your favorite song, and allow yourself to emerge from a long sleep.
I have been raised to achieve in a Man’s World. No time for Self Awareness. No time to dive deeper in my Soul. No time to honor my Womanhood. I remember that moment when I had my first moon… It was weird … I did not know what to expect. As far as I knew it was there for us Women to give Brith.
Why then having it every month? I was so busy trying to achieve the “PERFECT PLAN” that it became kind of “annoying”…“purposeless” having it ever month! Can you relate with this? How was your experience?
I Left the PERFECT PLAN behind to find Myself, my Womanhood, my Divinity. I started the amazing journey of Remembering Being Woman… and guess what? I found the Higher Purpose of the Menstrual Cycle in every Woman. It is the GREATEST SPIRITUAL TOOL we have as a Women. The
importance is not in the physical manifestation of it, but rather in the energy structure behind it. We, Women have this structure, and we are all able to access and manage it from within; to overcome our challenges monthly, as we go through life. Would you like to know more?
Today I invite YOU- Innovative Woman- to delve deeper into the mysteries of your Womanhood. I am committed to sharing this knowledge with You. Wouldn’t it be nice to stop struggling in Life? Get a tool to master and ease your daily challenges. Feel more accomplished! Embody a truly Empowered Woman!

Lets do this together! I am ready! How does it feel for you?

Ana’a Anamaká , (Your heart connected with Mother Earth)
Lilly Wong


<< Using these Sacred Codes has brought physical, mental, emotional and spiritual changes to my life… I can
share with you that my mentsrual cycle is now painless and harmonious.>> Amada

UleniAmo_ne-i-a | 4 Keys to Remember your Divine Womanhood

Deep into a profound knowledge about your Woman’s body.
New powerful information and tools to help you harmonize through the month.
The Basic Lilithgram©. A new tool to remember the Feminine Divine within.
One ” First Moon” initiation guided by Lilith and Anna.
Activations of Atlantis & Lemurian PLUS Light Codes dormant in our woman’s body.

seminar COST: 66 EUROS

InscriptionDISCOUNT FOR (Remember the Goddess + The Coxon Experience) = 144 euros