Lilly Wong


I am constantly remembering the Master in me – that I AM – living in this beautiful temple as a woman. This is my path of “Remember”: (re)connecting, (re)discovering, (re)integrating and (re)novating towards the manifestation of my whole potential in the Here and Now.

Through Light Language which I channel in forms of:  Sacred Codes (color and form), Mantras (Sound) and Soul Movement© (light in movement), I guide women and men in their own path of “Remember (ing)” our multidimensionality. Remember your Quantum Self to manifest consciously it in your daily life.

I channel various light beings such as angel, archangels, master ascended, nature beings, beings  from other constellations and different universal consciousness to support you in your individual remembering through Personal Skype Session o as a group through Workshops on site or Livestraming and general activations.